D.G.E.’s Health Center & Pharmacy

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In current development – D.G.E’s Health Center & Pharmacy.

Our intended goal is to use the 13,225 sq. ft. property as a multi-purpose facility; an incubation for DGE’s headquarters, while offering our very own Health Center and on-site Pharmacy.

The Pharmacy will operate as a program, specifically serving adults who are uninsured, low-income residents of Cook County. Our goal is to provide a last resort safety net for those who have no other way to access their prescription medication nor afford the high cost of pharmaceuticals necessary to care for their health conditions. The completely free medication and professional pharmaceutical care will be under the direct advisement of a trained & licensed director and ran daily through a team of staff, volunteer residency doctors, pharmacy technicians, and advocates hired & managed by Divine Global Empowerment. Similar to other non-profit agencies who offer this unique business model, our Pharmacy will be an innovative approach to filling the gap in health care services.

In addition, the property will also serve as an educator training facility for medical students & allied health professionals. Establishing a clinical hub in the community will be keen in pushing the agenda for quality, community health care. The facility will help serve as a classroom for medical students undergoing clinical rotations and pharmacy technicians who are committed to becoming successful, effective physicians. We propose that our Center will facilitate an average of over three hundred medical students per year.