Our Top Mission…

Is to help everyone and bring them a better life.

Restore Communities

With our ongoing housing initiatives, the development of housing will cultivate the restoration & revitalization of communities.

Provide Accommodations

Our core mission is to provide accommodating services to assist those in dire situations.

Grant Fiscal Sponsorship

There are so many great causes that need a supportive hand to help them leverage their ideas. That’s where we step in!

Encourage Public Service

We strive to continue to set the tone by our actions for others to give in a way that will continue to push the world forward!

Advance Health & Wellness

In order to happily survive in this world, we believe there must be a balance created mentally, spiritually, & financially.

Promote Empowerment

Part of our mission is to empower others by providing supportive services that will enrich lives.

We've been here a decade

Take the journey with us into our future

A young student fresh out of college wanted to extend her mission & take her growing on-campus organization from DePaul University and continue to help empower people through emotional, spiritual & psychological development. Along with the support of her parents, community leaders and other students, the non-profit organization, Divine Living Word Ministry, Inc. was established. With limited funds, but a determination to grow, D.L.W. expanded and has since transformed into a multifaceted organization, upholding various charitable purposes now named ‘Divine Global Empowerment’. With the continued¬† acquisition of properties & land to provide housing opportunities, as well as, D.G.E.’s other creative initiatives, the organization proves to demonstrate a successful track record of diligence and a committed heart for service. The new name is a reflection of where the organization has been & the continued Vision and plans for GLOBAL EXPANSION!

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How we help

Provide a Sense of Community

We make sure that being apart of our community provides people with a sense of belonging, a sense of connectedness, and the feeling of being right at home.

Provide Love and Smiles

Rather you are a generous contributor, a wonderful volunteer or the benefactor of a service, we make sure that you will have a pleasant experience.

Provide Unity and Family

There is nothing better than to see the strength that unity brings to a family. We continue to pool our resources together so that families can strive.

Provide On-going Support

Our lifetime guarantee is that we will do our very best to provide on-going, direct supportive services for the continued enrichment of people’s lives.

It's Time You Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference In Many Different Ways. Join Our Efforts Today!

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